Interview: Mark Galeotti

Dr Mark Galeotti is a specialist on Russian security affairs, intelligence, organised crime and similar murky topics. He is a senior researcher at UMV, the Institute of International Relations Prague, where he is the coordinator of its Centre for European Security. He is also principal director of the consultancy Mayak Intelligence. Previously, he was Professor […]

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Interview: Tara McCormack

Tara McCormack is Lecturer in International Politics at the University of Leicester. In this interview, Dr McCormack discusses the British military interventions in Libya, Iraq and Syria, the shift that these interventions mark away from the longstanding Royal Prerogative on war-making and how the use of remote warfare is effecting the democratic oversight of the […]

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Interview: Jon Moran

Dr. Jon Moran is Reader in Security and the School of History, Politics and International Relations at the University of Leicester. He is interested in the role of the state and military and intelligence agencies both domestically and internationally. He has conducted field research with police and security agencies and civil society activists in Western […]

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