Interview – Mark Moyar

Acclaimed author and military strategist Dr. Mark Moyar discusses the history and current use of US special operations forces, America’s most elite soldiers. Q. Your book Oppose Any Foe was recently published. The book examines the history of U.S. special operations forces. What are the origins of America’s special operations forces and why were they created? […]

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The devil is in the detail: the problem with the UK’s legal basis for self-defence

This article was originally published on OpenDemocracy on June 30th, 2017. With a lower threshold for the use of lethal force, the government must ensure greater clarity over how it avoids individuals paying the ultimate price for UK mistakes. At the start of this year, the UK Attorney General, Jeremy Wright QC, outlined how the […]

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The Dangers of the UK’s Blanket No Comment Policy for Special Forces

This article was first published on RealClearDefense on July 20th, 2017. Following claims that a Special Air Service (SAS) unit “is suspected of executing unarmed civilians in Afghanistan and fabricating reports to cover up potential war crimes,” there have been a number of calls for an investigation into the actions of British troops. The Ministry […]

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Interview: Mark Galeotti

Dr Mark Galeotti is a specialist on Russian security affairs, intelligence, organised crime and similar murky topics. He is a senior researcher at UMV, the Institute of International Relations Prague, where he is the coordinator of its Centre for European Security. He is also principal director of the consultancy Mayak Intelligence. Previously, he was Professor […]

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What Is the UK Doing in Yemen?

This article by Abigail Watson was first published on Real Clear Defense on November 30, 2016 As the situation in Yemen quickly spirals into a humanitarian disaster, the UK must clarify its role in the conflict. Yemen is the site a devastating civil war, in which foreign intervention at best is doing little to stem […]

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